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Business Resources

Need strategies for promoting your business locally and growing your customer base?  Here are some proven "set it & forget it" tools to satisfy your short & long term marketing goals.    

Get your name out there today! 3x5 Digital Ad for a STEAL.  Creative included at no cost. Contact Judi Bulawsky at 650-303-7278 or jbulawsky@bayareanewsgroup.com

We know you are busy and your entire "to-do" list should probably be renamed your "over-due" list.  


Email us your job description, we will get it online and shared widely

Growing Your Business
Public Relations
IT & Security
Deep Clean & Disinfect
Grand Openings, Re-Openings, Ribbon Cuttings
Plan Events With Our Director

Oh, and that thing you said you would take care of...

Get the word out about an upcoming event for your business or volunteer group, we have a free tool for that.


And when the maintenance light comes on in your car, here’s a concierge car repair service that can pick up and deliver your auto right to your door.