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Ten Ways To Take Control Of Your Energy Costs

As a business owner, you like to keep costs under control. Energy is an important resource; essential for lighting, powering equipment and maintaining a comfortable and productive work environment. Doesn't it make sense to control your energy costs as well? These simple money-saving tips can help power your profitability.


  1. Install occupancy sensors. Don't waste money lighting empty spaces. Install occupancy sensors to automatically switch lights on and off in rooms with varying occupancy, such as break rooms and conference rooms. Occupancy sensors combined with time controls can help save energy throughout your facility based on your operating schedule.
  2. Upgrade to LEDs. LEDs are more efficient than conventional lights and they last much longer, reducing your energy and maintenance costs. They also have better light quality, which can enhance your indoor environment.
  3. Take lighting to task. Task lighting directs light where it's needed, rather than over an entire area. Smaller, low-energy lamps bring the light source closer to the work area, reducing the need for overhead lighting.
  4. Adjust building temperatures. Lower the thermostat to save energy based on your operating schedule. Install a programmable thermostat to automate this process, optimizing savings and convenience, while maintaining comfort. WiFi thermostat provide advanced features, such as remote control.
  5. Call a pro. Hire a qualified professional to clean and inspect your heating and cooling system once a year. It will help ensure efficient performance and alert you to any potential maintenance issues before they become costly repairs.
  6. Seal your building envelope. Check windows and doors for any gaps or cracks where cold air can escape and seal them with caulk or weather-stripping.
  7. Install water-efficient fixtures. WaterSense labeled faucet aerators can conserve water and reduce your hot water energy use while still providing a comfortable flow.
  8. Insulate pipes. Heat loss through hot water lines can be costly. Pipe insulation can help reduce that heat loss, saving energy and money.
  9. Put it to sleep. Implement power management settings on all computers and office equipment. You can save up to $50 or more per computer each year. If your business has a lot of computers, the savings can really add up.
  10. Make things less personal. Personal appliances, such as space heaters and coffee makers can waste energy and they're hard to control. Discourage their use by maintaining a comfortable indoor environment and by making appliances easily available in a central break room.


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Reprinted with permission from PG&E