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2022 Summer Student Internship Program

Unpaid Volunteer Opportunity for High School & College Students 


Update 1: Meet our Summer 2022 interns!

We are very fortunate to have a group of 15 High School and College interns helping us in July and August. Meet them on our "Meet the Team" page!


Update 2: We are no longer accepting applications for Summer 2022.

Thank you for your interest in the Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce. If you are interested in getting involved with us at a later time, we encourage you to fill out the interest form here: https://forms.gle/NPwbsB3P2wUCA56X8

We will notify you of future opportunities.

For intern-related questions, please email: intern@svcoc.org


Update 3: Congratulations to our class of graduating 2022 interns!


Sunnyvale’s businesses depend on us. We depend on YOU.

The Chamber has a dynamic student internship program customized to your skills, interest, and availability.

For just...

  • 1 week (any week!)
  • 3 hours daily (any 3 hours!)

YOUR projects can uplift thousands of Sunnyvale businesses and residents. Let us help you build your student resume! No experience required.

Why us?
  • Build your resume and Sunnyvale’s community with an independent nonprofit
  • Trusted by thousands of Sunnyvale businesses for 116 years
  • Nimble, all-local team
  • ALL interests & backgrounds (*we LOVE multilingual students!)
  • Diverse, self-directed projects
  • Real-world, local impact on thousands of Sunnyvale businesses and residents
  • Flexible commitment, independent or teamwork
  • Passionate about helping Sunnyvale; NO technical or professional experience needed.


For questions, please email: intern@svcoc.org

More Information HERE



Deadline: Application closed 07/18/2022.

Program Manager: Kevin Wang

...Still curious? We love that.



Trusted by thousands of Sunnyvale businesses for over 116 years, the Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce (svcoc.org) is an independent nonprofit that develops enduring relationships between Sunnyvale residents and local businesses ranging from Meta, Google, and Microsoft to local nonprofits. Known for nearly 50 years of Sunnyvale’s “Art and Wine Festival” (with over 40,000 attendees this year!), the SVCOC also makes accessible critical local economic insights and outreach to empower informed business in Sunnyvale.

Moreover, as a nimble, close-knit, and all-local team, we know local residents make a real-world local impact. For 116 years, we’ve invested in Sunnyvale’s residents—and local students are local residents.


  • If you’re a Sunnyvale high school or college student seeking community involvement, join the Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce (SVCOC) for a dynamic and flexible summer internship where YOU take charge with your fellow students.

You MUST be… 

  • A Sunnyvale resident and/or local high school or college student!

We LOVE that you have a…

  • Diverse background and interests!
  • Passion for helping your community!
  • Interest or active involvement in community leadership and extracurriculars!
  • Proactiveness and excitement to learn! NO technical or professional skills needed.
  • *Proficiency in multiple languages is a plus!


  • No filing or coffee runs—at the Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce, projects are about YOU. 
  • You’ll be the pioneering team of local student changemakers tackling real-world problems with a real-world impact. 
  • Whether spearheading digital design and marketing, or face-to-face outreach with businesses and community members, you’ll not only explore invaluable interdisciplinary nonprofit work, but your projects will play a critical role in uplifting thousands of Sunnyvale businesses and residents. 
  • Your growth is our priority, so you’ll execute real projects with meaningful, tangible results.


  • You’ll have unparalleled flexibility to build your resume and community, personalized career support, and a lasting network.
  • You’ll also design your own LinkedIn recommendations, website showcase, and resume bullets, and be endorsed by the Chamber on LinkedIn! 
  • All while getting volunteer hours from a reputable nonprofit, we’ll have fun socials and hangouts. 
  • Join us this summer to meet a friend and change a life. 

You belong here!



Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce: Informing business in Sunnyvale since 1906.

Connect with us @ svcoc.org!