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This is cool...

How one young local artist reimagined her future and used the pandemic as an opportunity to launch her small business


In 2020 we were all affected by COVID-19, and I was no exception. However, this blessing in disguise allowed me to return to doing things I love on a daily basis, creating art.

Returning to drawing, painting, and the occasional furniture flip, I dove back into art. I quickly found my way to resin which allowed me endless possibilities to create. Combining my love for home decor, bespoke pieces, and repurposing items, I decided to create my small business, J.Kurios

J.Kurios strives to bring you pieces you won't find anywhere else, that will bring a touch of home in to any space. No two items are the same, ensuring you will have beautiful curio, brought to you by a 90's kid from the bay.