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Fleet Management With The Touch of A Button

Need One Less Thing To Worry About?

SVCOC member ServiceUp provides small fleet owners with one less thing to worry about by managing fleet maintenance for them. We sat down with Craig Radley, owner of Citrus Plus, to hear more about his experience using ServiceUp and how they allow him to focus on his eco-friendly carpet cleaning business. He owns five commercial vehicles that service the bay area, he has also started using their services for his personal vehicles as well.


How does ServiceUp help your business?

The biggest appeal of ServiceUp is the convenience and the time savings. Before them, I would have to take hours out of my work day, or take one of my staff out of rotation to handle van repair for me, which was a huge cost to my business. We had to find an available shop and schedule an appointment, and there was never a guarantee they could fit me in. Now when I have an issue with one of my five vehicles, I make a couple taps in the app and get an appointment scheduled usually within the day. It saves my business hours, sometimes days of productivity with every repair.


Who would you recommend ServiceUp to?

Absolutely I’d recommend ServiceUp to businesses like me! Any small business owner is pulled in numerous directions. Personally, I’m busy all day helping my clients, so using ServiceUp just makes the most sense – I don’t have to send one of my guys out to a shop or do it myself and potentially miss or delay a job. ServiceUp does that all for me and it doesn’t cost me extra for all that convenience, so yeah I would recommend them.


What do you have to gain by using ServiceUp?

I have more time to focus on my business and grow it! My vans connect me to my clients, I can’t have them down for long. When I don’t have to worry about car repair or regular maintenance, I can put all of my focus onto growing my business and providing the best experience for my clients. I trust ServiceUp views me as a long term partner and not a single transaction, so I know the price is always fair and I have an advocate on my side making sure my vans are going to only reputable and quality shops. I use ServiceUp for my personal vehicles which gives me more free time during my days off to do what I actually like and spend time with my kids and dirt bikes.


What is your favorite aspect of the service?

My favorite part about ServiceUp is having my own service advisor. Alex is the man. Having a service advisor that works for me, on my behalf, is huge. Any questions or concerns I have, he’s on it. He even helped me plan and spread out some maintenance over the holidays so I had better cashflow to reward my staff. He could have told me everything had to happen the same day, but he worked with me on delaying some less urgent items, and my entire team benefited during the time of year where it matters most. By providing such a high level of personalized service, Alex solidified that trust factor. I’ve never had an experience like ServiceUp in auto repair, they’re a valuable partner.