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How one local startup is making car maintenance easier while supporting local

ServiceUp simplifies car repair and supports local, independent shops.

ServiceUp is a relatively new member of the Sunnyvale Chamber. They are creating the best experience possible for anyone that drives a car. Born in the South Bay in early 2021, ServiceUp has already served thousands in the Bay Area.


Part of what makes the startup so unique is its business model. In addition to serving vehicle owners, ServiceUp partners with local, independent shops to bring them new business- your vehicle is picked-up and taken to a reputable local business for service/repair, then returned when complete.


ServiceUp is also developing a free app to enable their partner shops to manage their customer workflows and/or provide an option to move their front office into the cloud with Virtual Service Advisors.


The mission is to provide a better experience to the customers of the 200,000 independent auto shops in the United States, while simultaneously supporting local business, vs. building a competitive model. To get a better understanding of how local shops are benefiting from this unique partnership, we spoke to Quang Nguyen, the independent shop owner of Ivy & Truman Automotive at 1062 East El Camino Real, and a proud member of the ServiceUp network of local businesses.


Q: When did you open your first shop?

A: I opened my first shop in 2002 in Sunnyvale. In 2009, higher rents led me to move to my current location, where I’ve been ever since.


Q: How has your business changed over time?

A: I’ve gotten better over the years. When I started at a dealership I only knew how to fix cars. When I opened my shop I learned how to work with customers, and I’m always learning! I tell my customers all the time – if you go from shop to shop to shop you will lose money! So I create a great customer relationship and we trust each other. I used to work on 30 cars a day and was exhausted. Now the pace is much more workable and I can manage my customers’ expectations and timelines better.


Q: What’s it like working with ServiceUp?

A; Working with ServiceUp is great. I like them because they make their payments on time! It’s a very easy and smooth process. We share a similar mentality – to provide high quality repairs and a great overall experience for customers. We’re both very thorough. I work hard to make sure my customers get value from the service I provide, and I feel like their service advisors do the same.


Q: What should people know about your shop?

A: Our work is quality and lasts a long time. We use quality materials and parts because we don’t want to see you again anytime soon! It’s not about making an extra $20, it’s about giving our customers the very best experience we can.


There are currently more than 100 shops ServiceUp’s Bay Area partner network with more joining every day. The startup is hoping to continue to engage with businesses in the Sunnyvale area to help spread the word - as Sunnyvale is one of their hottest areas for customers.


We’ll be keeping an eye on ServiceUp here at the Sunnyvale Chamber and giving you periodic updates about their growth in the area. You may just bump into them at their booth at Sunnyvale Art and Wine Festival this Summer!


If you are a local automotive shop owner and would like more information about how to partner with ServiceUp, please visit https://www.serviceup.io/shops