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Food Scraps Recycling starts in January, will you be ready? 

Link to the Recycling Guide and the resources you need to prepare

Starting January 1, 2022, California’s Short-lived Climate Pollutant law (SB 1383) requires most businesses to separate food and landscape materials from the garbage. Your business needs to set up this weekly service once the City’s Zero Waste team contacts you closer to 2022.


Businesses contribute to more than half of all landfill waste, and a significant amount of that waste is food scraps. When left to break down in a landfill, food generates methane gas; a potent greenhouse gas that causes climate change. By keeping food out of the landfill, your business will directly help fight climate change.


Get prepared by reading the Employee Recycling Guide or other resources below:



Next month’s blog post will be about how to recover food that is edible and too good to waste. See you then!